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RCS video's are video's that support the sport of automotive racing and the racing engine industry in machining, assembly and competing. We hope you enjoy.

706 B/B Chevy http://youtube.com/watch?v=C9ziyCYULEc

Tyler Steinkey Racing from Canada, a former student at RCS/AMS Votech our affiliated company, has put together a great video of engine assembly and a Dyno session making 1,400 Hp by 6,500 out of his 706. Tyler Steinkey a very intelligent individual gave us the honor of attending RCS/AMS in search for knowledge about building high HP, he now builds engines like this in Canada for racers, himself and the families other two race cars. He no longer needs to purchase someone else’s engines anymore.

525 Blown 8-71 EFI Big Block http://youtu.be/VFLeF9Bq6gk

Michael Rooney Performance from New York had us build this monster Blown 525 Big Block for his 86 Pro Street IROC. The project is still underway and is due for completion this year.

1969 Camaro SS 396 Dyno Session http://youtu.be/eNGk01OggEk

RCS 2012 EMC 499 B/B Chevy http://youtu.be/WeHHmprY8eO

RCS 2013 EMC 432 EFI Ford Cleveland http://youtu.be/xWKsn-mGNLk

RCS/AMS Votech 523 Blown EFI B/B Chevy http://youtu.be/AEhxnCksxyU


RCS Articles

The RCS EMC 432 Ford Cleveland on enginelabs.com an article done by Jason Reiss http://www.enginelabs.com/news/video-rcs-racing-engines-builds-750-horse-cleveland-for-emc/

2014 Hot Rod Magazine November article on our 2013 EMC 432 Ford Cleveland by Steve Dulcich http://www.hotrod.com/how-to/engine/1412-fords-forgotten-small-block/

2014 Hot Rod Magazine RCS 432 Cleveland

RCS 2014 AMSOil Engine Masters http://www.hotrod.com/events/popular-hot-rodding-engine-masters/2014/400ci-ford-cleveland-by-rcs-racing-engines-at-the-amsoil-engine-masters-challenge-2014/