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RCS 69 Blown Camaro

RCS Pro Street Engines are designed for both street driving and racing, with the power and look of a high performance race car. Our experience in designing Pro Street engines and cars is that we insist that they are drivable, where anyone can jump in the seat without thinking they have to be a race car driver.

Whether the engine is Blown, Fuel Injected or Carbureted it doesn't matter, at RCS we make our engines and cars drive like OEM so you can enjoy them. The first day our customer picked up this `69 Camaro which has over 700Hp, he put over 100 miles on it in an afternoon as if he was driving a normal street car, but with the excitement and attention of a race car. When an engine is designed and installed correctly for an intended use, it should function and operate repetitively each time you drive the car. This customer had no previous racing or Hotrod experience, doesn't work on cars or turn wrenches and with some simple operating instructions has had the experience of repetitive enjoyment time, after time and doesn't have to worry about having the tools or the knowledge to own such an experience.

Our Pro Street Engines are custom built just like our Crate or Racing engines are. We use the highest quality parts and machining required for the engines intended use, which means we don't waste your money purchasing parts that aren't needed, which in turn keeps the cost down. We know the structural limits of today’s engine parts from our years of experience in testing and putting them to use. This knowledge controls wasted cost and gets the job done for the engines intended life.

If you have an engine/car project already started, we can take it over and complete the job, making it so much more enjoyable for you to just jump in and drive away. There are many types of projects and levels of completion. Our knowledge and experience makes RCS the best choice for your projects.

Rooney's 69